Throw your best party ever- the easy way!

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A party is a great way to celebrate with family, friends and colleagues, but they can also take a lot of organising to put together. Here’s some handy pointers to help you put together the best party ever, and stay calm in the process!

Decide on the budget


The first thing you have to do when organising a party is work out what the budget is going to be. This will decide so many things- the venue, the style of the party, drinks & catering, and entertainment… and how many guests you can invite! You don’t have to spend a vast fortune to get a great result, but you may have to adjust the style or numbers of people to suit.




The second thing to arrange is the venue. Good party venues will be booked months or sometimes even years in advance, so make time to look around and see what’s available. Make sure the venue you choose will be accessible- both in terms of transport and accommodation if needed, and in terms of any mobility requirements.


If booking a venue doesn’t suit, you could opt to hold the party at your home or office- just be aware that there may be a restriction in terms of space, and that you will have to factoring in setting up and cleaning up after the party!



Food & Drinks


The type of food and drink you provide for your guests will depend on the style of the party and the number of guests you have invited. A formal event- a dinner party, a company awards dinner for example- will still expect a sit-down meal. Informal parties- perhaps for a product launch or office Christmas party- might suit canapes and bowl food, or even a buffet.


Dine Delivered ™ offers canapes, buffets and full dinner party options, with prices starting at just £4.00 per person, delivered to your door- and we also offer a range of drinks to match your food.





You may think entertainment is not needed for your party- but even the smallest drinks party will be improved by some background music! A playlist on your phone may be all you need. However for a large, formal party, you may need background music for the meal followed by a DJ or band. Have a think about what atmosphere you want to create at different times during the event.



Follow these tips and you will throw a great party for the least stress possible. Have a great time!

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