Dine Delivered ™ Virtual and Hybrid Corporate Events

Find out how Dine Delivered ™ can make your virtual corporate event come to life!

Lockdown dinner party with friends? It's easy with Dine Delivered ™!

Now that we are unable to have dinner parties in real life, some people are having dinner parties with friends and family using Zoom and other websites to chat. But how easy is it to have dinner with friends when you are miles apart? We asked two Dine Delivered ™ customers to try it out! Here’s what happened!

Stay social (despite social distancing)!

As the lockdown continues, it is clear that wedding couples will rely on their key suppliers and venue to innovate so that everyone can enjoy their weddings, parties and celebrations to the fullest possible extent. Dine Delivered ™ has a great solution to the problem!

Introducing the Lockdown Dinner Box!

With the country still in lockdown, Dine Delivered ™ have introduced the new lockdown dinner box- but what is it and how does it work? We find out!

Upgrade your holiday with dinner delivered to your cottage!

There’s nothing better than a British holiday in the sunshine, and when the sun does shine (and it does, sometimes) there’s no place finer than Yorkshire for a break. We have it all: spectacular countryside, moody windswept moors, sandy beaches, great cultural cities… and amazing food!

Serve up romance for St Valentine's Day!

Whatever your relationship status, it’s impossible not to notice that St Valentine’s Day is fast approaching! Here's our top picks for the easiest way to cook your way into your lover's heart

Private dinner party? Dine Delivered ™!

If the idea of cooking for a dinner party fills you with dread, you're not alone! One in eight of us struggles with cooking for friends- so Dine Delivered ™ has the perfect solution! Easy to order, pre-prepared food from our chefs, that you can finish off and serve to your guests. Entertaining made easy! Don't believe us? Below, self-confessed demanding foodie and 'Come Dine With Me' winner Julia Nelson gives us her review!

Christmas Canapé party guide

The Christmas party season is fast approaching, so here’s the Dine Delivered ™ guide to choosing the best canapés for your Christmas drinks party!

Throw your best party ever- the easy way!

A party is a great way to celebrate with family, friends and colleagues, but they can also take a lot of organising to put together. Here’s some handy pointers to help you put together the best party ever, and stay calm in the process!

Dine Delivered ™- now with added Style!

At Dine Delivered ™ we are dedicated to delivering our clients a fully flexible service, with additional services which can be added on request. That’s why we were so pleased to meet the team at Hire and Style, a fabulous event styling company who work right across the UK and internationally.

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