Lockdown dinner party with friends? It's easy with Dine Delivered ™!

Posted on May 21, 2020 by helen.gill@dine.co.uk

Now that we are unable to have dinner parties in real life, some people are having dinner parties with friends and family using Zoom and other websites to chat. But how easy is it to have dinner with friends when you are miles apart? We asked two Dine Delivered ™ customers to try it out! Here’s what happened!

It’s Friday and an enormous box has just been delivered to our door- it’s our food for our Zoom dinner party tomorrow! We open up the box and it all looks very fancy- there are salmon starters in martini glasses, which just need taking out of the box. The main course comes in lots of little cartons, all neatly labelled with what’s inside. The most excitement is for the dessert- lemon posset in their own dishes. We pop it all in the fridge ready for Saturday evening. A quick text to Dawn in Edinburgh and they have got theirs too. 

On Saturday evening we clear work stuff and kids toys off the kitchen table and set up for our dinner party- cutlery, glasses, some candles, and of course the laptop at the end of the table! At 7pm we dial in as arranged and there are our friends, 200 miles away, in their kitchen! Hi guys!

We were concerned that it would be a bit awkward having to get up and cook during the conversation but actually the meal is so straightforward it really wasn’t. A quick nip over to the oven to pop the bread in to warm, and then the starters are just placed onto plates, ready to serve. Back at the table we can all get stuck in to the same meal and compare- what do you think of the salmon? Delicious is the verdict!

Then off to put the main course in the oven whilst we pour some wine. By now the conversation is flowing and it feels really natural. The instructions are really clear and easy to follow so you aren’t away from the table for more than a few minutes at a time. Everyone enjoys the porcini chicken- although the winner in this course was the stuffed cabbage parcels, which were amazing.

A bit of a comfort break after main course (more wine) and then it’s dessert. The lemon posset is popped onto a plate in its dish and some berry compote drizzled round. By now quite a lot of wine has flowed so the 12 year old is persuaded to act as chef, and he enjoys plating it up and adding the shortbread to the side. Everyone tucks in greedily!

At the end of the evening we’ve all had a great time and the format has worked really well. By having not only delicious food which was easy to prepare, but in having the same food for everyone, it felt just like a normal party. But with far less washing up to do afterwards. Brilliant.

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